Saturday, May 19, 2007

silk paper tutorial

Requirements: Jo Sonja's textile medium silk fibers (silk top) water dish washing detergent 2 containers to mix detergent and textile medium Large piece of bubble wrap, 2 pieces of tulle 1 craft roller, 1 cat litter tray (your pieces of tulle need to fit in the tray) One old hand towel Method: Spread bubble wrap on table. Place cat litter tray on top Place one piece of tulle in bottom of cat tray, Carefully pull small tufts of silk fibers of silk top, place on tulle until it is completely covered (take care that fibers are all in the same direction. Place a second layer of small tufts of silk from side to side, Place third layer in same direction as first layer. Place second piece of tulle on top and gently pat down. Mix small amount of detergent (several drops) with about 50-100 ml ( this would be up to 4 fluid ounces). Using your roller dip in the container of water with detergent, and gently place on the whole silk/tulle sandwich. Pat down again and gently rub to remove creases. Very gently turn over and place more watery detergent on bottom of sandwich. Gently pat with towel, I find gently pushing towel down works well. Mix 50 ml (2 fl ounces) textile medium in 150 ml (6 fluid ounces) of warm (not hot) water and paint this onto your sandwich. Let the sandwich drip excess back into cat litter tray and place somewhere safe to dry. You can iron it when dry if you have any creases. When dry and ironed you can use your paper as a stitching fabric. Enlarge some of mine and you will see the effect. I also use some snippets of various threads under the third layer, gives a really nice effect, or I place it on top, cover with tulle and stitch through it all. Playing with various alternatives will give you some great ideas and inspiration. Hope you find it as much fun as I did. Hugs, Maria

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

autumn leaves

Here they are my very own autumn leaves. I am so excited by the effect including the little holes!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For autumn leaves

I am thrilled with the effect I created here. I will stitch it into autumnleaves and that too will finish up in the exhibition.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Another picture for my show

The woods used to be my favourite place when I was a child. I still love the forest. The trees, the sounds, the smells. The colours especialle in autumn.


Friday, May 11, 2007

ready for the show

Unfortunately this image is not quite what I had in mind. It just did not fit under the scanner. I really love the effect of silk paper with machine embroidery and beading. Loved working on this.


ready for the show

I am so pleased with this piece. It has a tranquil feeling for me. The naive interpretation of trees I find quite exciting. When Jos finishes the presentation it will be a real winner for me.


Friday, May 04, 2007

after the last post what could be next?

Silk paper confetti, what else? I enjoy making silk paper. All the posts in silk paper are works in progress for my upcoming exhibition. I am really looking forward to this.
Will anybody come to see my art? Will anybody want to own my work?
Well if not I will have to get a studio with enough wall space. Ah to sleep per chance to dream of success?
What is success anyway but the creative process?

Silk paper figures

This paper shows 2 naive figures. I like it as it reminds me of a solid relationship. After 54 years of marriage......

silk paper lace and flower

silk paper creations

a silk paper flower and silk paper with little bits of fancy thread
Then there is the silk paper with machine embroidery

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

more gathering photos

From left: Brenda hiding behind Catherine, Sandie peeking between Catherine and Viv, Maureen behind Vivienne and Julia. Viv has her camera ready for action.


more gathering photos

From left we have Julia Camilleri from Perth, Sandie from the back of beyond, and the happy-go-lucky Vivienne from Perth. A fantastic trio of artistic women I was delighted to meet. Met Vivienne in Canberra and was delighted to spend time with her and Eddy in the caravan park.


Catherine puts in an appearance...

Well it would not be a gathering without Catherine AKA Rowdy. Just what we all need a rowdy gardener. She might even scare the snails, aphids and scales away. I should be so lucky!

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